Optional Extras

You can book any of these optional extras.

Option Details US$ include all tax
Car & Driver 8 Passengers plus 1 driver.
12 Passengers plus 1 driver.
US$65 per 8-hr day
US$75 per 8-hr day
Baby Package Cot and High Chair rental Free - but must be reserved when booking.
Extra bed Roll-away single bed rental US$33 per day
Party and Security Fee covering usage of the Villa and the required Village Security. Please check with us.
Early Check-in From 10:00 am. Not Guaranteed(Request only)

From 6:00 am.Breakfast included.Guaranteed

50% of the Low Season daily rate
Late Check-out To 4 pm (16:00 hrs). Not Guaranteed (Request only)

To 6 pm (18:00 hrs).Guaranteed

50% of the Low Season daily rate

You can Book these extras...

  • At the time of making the booking,
  • Any time before arrival, or
  • After arrival at the villa