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Current Bali Issues – Traffic Congestion

By admin On Friday, February 20, 2015 | Comments (0)

Over the last 10 years, Bali has seen a growth in native Indonesian population of 10% from 3 million to nearly 3.5 million residents and a growth in the domestic and international tourism sector of at least 100% in that time. The amount of new buildings which are constantly being constructed is astonishing and what has proven to be a lucrative business for villa owners and a boon to those seeking a bargain vacation in Bali villas for rent, has fuelled a huge rise in the number of two and four wheeled vehicles on Bali’s roads.

The problems are generally seasonal but are seriously exacerbated by Indonesian public holidays which may, or may not coincide with the traditional peak periods of Christmas and June through September. Furthermore, it is much more difficult for the road crews to fix the roads in the rainy season and May or June is usually the first opportunity they get to tear up the roads to lay new cables and pipes etc. Potholes abound and in some places the road surfaces simply sag and disappear into the ground.

The situation is not yet desperate but choosing the wrong route can be extremely frustrating and, on the worst days, virtual gridlock can stick you up for several hours on a journey that would normally take twenty minutes. An advantage of Bali villa rentals is that they are often a little out of town and can be outside of the disturbance of jammed traffic. This equates to being able to get ‘out of town’ to explore those parts of Bali which are easily driven to.

It pays to ask the staff in your Bali villa rentals where today’s or this week’s trouble spots are and how to avoid them. It is also good to bear in mind that if you do send your staff into the heart of the beast to shop in Seminyak or Kuta on a bad day, they may take several hours to return. This is unlikely to be due to ‘slacking off’ and more likely to being stuck in traffic. Most staff are more than eager to please – and are unlikely to swing the lead, as it were.

Bali needs immediate relief from her traffic issues. Parking in narrow streets is one major issue, the use of unreasonably large busses and trucks is another. Bali needs a public transport system, preferably based on small, open sided electric busses and some kind of cheap mass rapid transit system; such as those which have brought relief to the big cities in the region such as Bangkok, KL and Singapore. This needs to be followed with a series of road improvements, the development of park and ride schemes and serious strategic planning as to routing. Again, the best way to avoid a jam is to stay in one of the many Bali villas for rent which lie outside of the jam-zone or to stay at a villa on or near the beach and head towards the ocean!

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